1101001113 - 6pc. per box - Luxan Tomorin Pasta Lokdoos 10gr

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Product description

Tomorin is a ready-made bait box with poison against house mice. The package contains a transparent plastic food box filled with Tomorin paste. Tomorin is an acute rodenticide and a single dose is usually effective. Since the feeding boxes are made of transparent plastic, it is easy to see whether the poison needs to be refilled.

Place the bait boxes out of the reach of other (domestic) animals and children. Secure the bait so that it cannot be dragged away. It is best to place the boxes in places where mice walk a lot, near burrow entrances, in hidden spaces or on well-known walkways.

Make sure that the poison is available in abundance for the mice for a number of days. Avoid other sources of food being present.

Please note: Tomorin is less effective at temperatures above 16º C.

Active substance: Alphachloralose