WK8203 - 6 pc. per box Weitech Inzzzector 4-LED UV

SKU: WK8203 Barcode: 54140991082034

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Attractive plug-in lamp for catching flying insects: Flies, mosquitoes, butterflies, etc. Suitable for pests.
It protects you from flying insects while illuminating your room as a night lamp.
Working principle: based on the sensitivity of insects to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Flies, attracted by the blue light, are electrocuted and enter the trap with an electric grid.
Odorless, quiet and pesticide-free (suitable for allergy sufferers)
Can be used in children's rooms.
It should not be used in bathrooms or similar humid environments.
Protects a maximum area of ​​30 m².
This device is equipped with an Ultraviolet LED technology that attracts insects. 
It plugs directly into the 240 V/50 Hz mains.
It has low power consumption (1 W).
In order for the device to work with full performance, its front should be open and curtains, furniture, walls, etc. should not be placed.
The device should be used open and plugged in 24 hours a day. However, it is not recommended to use it plugged in for more than 1 month.
Environmentally friendly: contains no chemical products or poisons.