V177 - 6pc Ultra Power Live Multi-Catch Mouse Trap

SKU: V177

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  • All-weather design.
  • Traps 10 or more live mice in one setting.
  • Clear view flip-top lid for easy inspection and cleaning.
  • Self-setting mechanism.
  • Bait with  V163.
  • The Ultra Power Live Multi-Catch Mouse Trap from The Big Cheese® provides effective control of mice in homes, farms and commercial premises without the use of poisons – just like the professionals use. The trap is machined from industrial strength galvanised steel to ensure years of reliable service. The clear inspection lid allows at-a-glance trap inspection and is hinged for easy cleaning and live release. The unique low profile of the trap enables it to be sited beneath counters and pallets, as well as within shallow ceiling voids and cavities. It is suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor areas and where poison baits and snap traps may be a hazard, eg. in kitchens or around children and pets. The trap is self-setting and can catch up to 10 mice at a time.Live Multi-Catch Mouse Trap