1100512003 - 12pc. per box COMPO Karate Garden Concentraat NL 100ml

SKU: 1100512003 Barcode: 5411196097258

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Compo Karate Garden is a concentrated insecticide (to be diluted with water) with a very broad spectrum of activity. The agent has a fast and effective effect and can be used on ornamental plants and pot plants indoors and outdoors, on vegetables and on fruit. All kinds of sucking and biting insects are controlled: aphids, caterpillars, thrips, whitefly, ... The formulation ensures rapid absorption by the plant, making the product rainproof after 2 hours. Moreover, Compo Karate Garden has a duration of two weeks and the waiting time for harvesting fruit and vegetables is very short. Against biting and sucking insects Very broad operating spectrum Efficient with a low dosage Short waiting time for the harvest Fast operation