86600787 - 6pc. per box - Protect Home Rat Feeder Plastic

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SKU: 86600787

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Protect Home Plastic Bait Box for the correct and safe distribution of rat poison and bait in a rat infestation. For safety, the Rat Bait Box can be locked with a key to prevent children or pets from opening the bait box. Includes metal bar for securing the bait. Always secure the bait with the metal bar to avoid dragging the bait. The absorption of the bait is thus guaranteed and rats are effectively controlled.
After fixing the bait, close the Bait Station and place the bait box where you suspect rat activity. Alternative food sources should be carefully removed. The Rat Bait Box is robust, weather and water resistant and can be used both inside and around the house. After successful rat control, the box can be easily cleaned and reused. The Rat Poison Bait Station can be used with all common bait.

For the best results in the control of rats, optimal in combination with Protect Home's Rat Bait.


  • Rat Poison Bait Station, for controlling rats
  • Dual-entry design encourages rodent activity
  • Bait Box can be locked with a key
  • High-quality plastic housing
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • With metal bar to prevent bait carry-over
  • Easy application of bait
  • Easy to clean
  • Removal of killed rat without touching it