86600784-M241 - 4pc. per box - Protect Home Rat Trap Electronic

SKU: 86600784-M241

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The Ratzapper is an electric mouse and rat trap that will quickly help you get rid of your mice or rat problem. About 50 mice or rats can be killed per battery set. You need to place a lure in the electric rat and mouse trap to lure the rodents into the trap. A handy opening has been made for this at the back of the trap, which makes it extra easy. The trap works on 4 C batteries and can kill about 50 mice or rats. This trap also has a flashing light that goes off as soon as you have caught a rat or mouse. The design of this electric trap makes it easy to clean. The trap works with an electric shock, so the rodents do not suffer any pain. This trap therefore has a long effect and can be used again and again.