86600783-M250 - 4pc. per box - Protect Home Victor Mouse Trap Electronic

SKU: 86600783-M250 Barcode: 3664715028741

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With this electronic mouse trap you can easily catch many mice. The electronic mousetrap is battery powered and safe for children and pets. This can easily be done by opening the lid at the top. 4 AA batteries must also be placed in the device, which is enough to kill 100 mice. The batteries are not included. Then switch on the device by sliding the button at the top. You then place the electronic mousetrap in a place where mice often pass by. The mice then approach the lure and enter the trap. In the trap, the mice are killed by an electric shock. The captured mice can be easily removed from the trap without touching them. You can also see from the indicator light that a mouse has been caught. This trap is designed so that it is not dangerous to children and pets. As soon as the lid is opened, the trap no longer works for extra safety.