86600778-M035 - 36pc. per box - Protect Home Victor Wooden Mouse Trap

SKU: 86600778-M035 Barcode: 3664715028505

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Mice in the house can be a big problem, so you want to get rid of them as soon as possible. The Protect Home Mouse Trap is a classic wooden mouse trap with a quick closing mechanism and high impact force. A special scent has been added to the yellow pedal, which attracts mice so you do not require bait. The Protect Home Victor mouse trap is a quality product that is completely machine-produced, which means that the traps have always the correct adjustment and are very effective.


  • High-quality mousetrap
  • No bait needed
  • Fast closing mechanism and high-impact force
  • Wood with FSC quality mark
  • Reusable

How to use

  • Loosen the locking bar and move it to the back of the trap so that it hangs over the back of the trap.
  • Apply the bait - The trap can be used without extra bait, but adding extra bait increases the chance of a catch. Apply a small amount, for example, hazelnut paste, to the yellow pedal. Do this with a toothpick or other tool so that your scent doesn't transfer to the trap.
  • Activate the trap - Pull the kill clamp back and hold it in place with your thumb. Place the arm bar over the kill clamp and lock the end of the arm bar under the yellow pedal.
  • Place the trap - Place the trap where you have seen signs of rodent activity or along the wall where rodents mainly move. Always place the trap with the yellow pedal in the direction of the wall. After the mouse is caught, the trap can be removed or reused. Remove alternative food sources