86600162 - 5pc. per box - Solabiol Fertimoss 2.8kg

SKU: 86600162 Barcode: 3664715003328

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  • Moss control in lawn and allotments
  • Easy to distribute thanks to the spreader packaging
  • Fast results
  • 2800 grams sufficient for 35 m²
  • Active ingredient Iron (II) sulphate 14.1%

Precautionary measures:

  1. Prevent Fertimoss moss control, in dry or dissolved form, from coming into contact (also by means of footwear) with other materials such as stones, tiles, floor covering, woodwork, etc., as the product can cause a brown discoloration of said materials. So, for example, do not sprinkle between the seams of tiles.
  2. Do not mow for several days before and after treatment.
  3. As soon as the moss has turned black it can be raked away. Fertilization is recommended after a treatment. If necessary, reseed bald spots.
  4. After treating lawns, do not step on them before it has rained or been sprayed. This is to prevent damage to fine grasses. Lawn treatment should be done during the growth period of the grass.

Application advice:
Sprinkle Fertimoss on a damp mossy vegetation. If necessary, the lawn can be irrigated before the treatment. A good distribution is necessary. If it does not rain within a few days after spreading, it is necessary to spray the treated surface with water.
There is a chance of a temporary black discoloration of the grass.