2220308017 - 42St. pro 1/2 Palette - Compo Sana Blumenerde Balkon und Terrasse ca. 50 % leichter 25 l

SKU: 2220308017

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Product description

Lightweight potting soil enriched with fertilizer, ideal for balcony and terrace plants

This high-quality COMPO SANA® potting soil, approximately 50% lighter, is ready to use and is ideal for planting and repotting various plants. This potting soil meets all the needs of balcony and terrace plants as well as vegetables, herbs and small fruit.

What do you mean, 50% lighter?

By carefully selecting high-quality peat types with a low moisture content, this quality product weighs approximately 50% less than the compared COMPO SANA® Universal Potting Soil. Independently of this, the filling volume indicated on the packaging is guaranteed by regular internal and external quality controls.

The advantages of COMPO SANA Potting Soil Balcony & Terrace approximately 50% Lighter at a glance:

  • High-quality potting soil for balcony and terrace plants
  • Includes fertilizer that provides the plants with all important nutrients for 6 months
  • Up to 50% lighter: easy to transport
  • Potting soil with an airy structure thanks to perlite flakes (from natural volcanic rock)
  • Promotes root growth


  • Cover the drainage hole of the pot with a pot shard or hydro granules and fill the pot 1/3 with potting soil.
  • Place the plants, fill with potting soil and press lightly.
  • Then water abundantly.

Compound :

Potting soil based on white peat, perlite and fertilizers based on calcium and/or magnesium and fertilizers.