86601225 - 6pc. per box - Protect Home Catch & Hold Muis

SKU: 86601225

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  • Animal-friendly catching method: after successful catching with the mechanical live trap, the mouse can be exposed to 1-2 km from the fishing location.
  • Active ingredient-free: the mouse trap comes without the use of rodenticides and is therefore free from toxins of any kind. Safe for pets and children.
  • Multiple uses: thanks to the robust plastic, the trap for mice is ready to use again after successful use. Clean, bait and place.
  • Catching safety: multiple traps increase the success of catching. The slightly transparent lid allows you to quickly and conveniently control whether a mouse has been trapped.
  • Application: all year round - place bait on bait point, close lid and align trap with the entrance opening along the walls. When catching, place mouse 1-2 km away.